While there’s no shortage of discussion among futurists, sci fi aficionados, and policymakers the world over, we’re interested in putting sci fi and policy into dialogue in a more direct manner. There are many steps to take to achieve this, but among them:

  • We’ll draw attention to existing efforts by academics, authors, and policymakers to constructively explore future concerns through the lens of science fiction;
  • We’ll engage the science fiction and policy communities, fostering further discussions 
  • We’ll promote the well-written policy-relevant sci fi we find in hopes of encouraging other authors to explore these issues, too.

Want a more in-depth read on the intersections of sci fi and policy? Just take a look at "Tools for Inserting Science Fiction into Policy" over in our blog.

We look forward to your contributions to the ongoing discussion!

PHOTO: "Inspecting Cassini's Nuclear Power Source", 1997. Via NASA on The Commons